Lace Renaissance – A Lacy Story…

Winters are approaching and we all need to pull our socks up to look best for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve!  So, here I am typing out the most stylish trend of the season, one style trend that has been ruling from season to season with booms and downs. I have a plethora of designs and styles to choose from for people of all sizes and shapes.

LACE- Haven’t we adorned them since forever? Season after season, lace features on catwalks from New York to Paris. Red and black party dresses get us into the winter’s party spirit.

If you have gained those extra pounds and love handles munching on those winter crunchies then I have the perfect solution for you! Get yourself a swing lace dress or an a-line dress which will hide those extra kilos on your body. Also wearing a full sleeved dress will hide the extra flab on the arms.


 If you are lean, thin and petite then get yourself coated in intricate layers of lace from head to toe that would be warm as well as elegant. Layering gives you the illusion of fullness and curves. Go in for a gown which is frilly (but not baggy).  But if you are not a fan of huge layers then get a dress or a gown in which top bodice is well fitted and closer to the skin and the lower base flows like a foam on a hot cup of coffee. Also wearing a puffed shoulder dress can look elegant on this type of body structure.


Well, if you have a chiselled body, go in for a single layer body hugging draped dress closer to your skin to get your curves noticed!


The phrase, “you can never have too much lace” I am pretty sure applies to all the Fashionable Divas! Also, it’s a royal’s favourite! From Queen Elizabeth 1 to Queen Elizabeth2 to Diana, Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge everyone has adorned this lacy factor.


In the end, a lace should see a woman through life from birth to death. This season should be a lacy affair and a must have in everyone’s wardrobe!

My Suggestion- You can be quite creative with your lace dresses.  One can wear a contrast camisole underneath (neon colors are quite in!) or try see-through dress if you can carry it off well.

Dressing Tip- Adding a little lace to your fall wardrobe can make you all glam up, even if it’s a little lace, be on your hat, scarf, top, handbag or shoes!


 So, peek a boo all fashionistas!


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