New lease of life… Revamp your wardrobe!

Girls, why imitate others of repute like stars and sports person when you yourself can set the style statement for others? Why shed pounds of money on new expensive clothes and attires when you yourself can be your own designer and transform your old, out-of-date clothes into stylish and beautiful outfits for you?

 Being fashionable is not about paying through your nose always. Instead you can dig deep into your brains and come up with some DIY(do it yourself) ideas which can turn your old piece of clothing into a brand new design and make you look stylish and a fashionista at the same time. Try some of these DIY ideas and make the heads turn!

First, you need to take out all those old garments which are lying at some unknown corner of your cupboard, which are not being into use for some time. Take the stock from your wardrobe and give a new lease of life to your clothes. And that’s not all! You have to gather some beads, bright coloured clothes, vintage looking buttons and some lace (gather what all you can, wherever your creativity takes you!). But you don’t have to go overboard in search of expensive stuff, keep it light on your pocket. Here are some ideas which I have come across from the internet that will get you started.

1. Frilly shorts – Is your pair of denims not working for you anymore? Then it’s the right time to crop up your denims into shorts! Remember, in my last article I talked about how lace is intruding the fashion this season? Yes, you are right! I am talking about decorating the shorts with a lace crochet.


Show off your handmade denim crochet and impress your boyfriend!

2. Lace Choker – You can take some stylish cut lace, ribbon and a broach. Sew the broach in the middle of the lace. Cut the ribbon into two half’s and stitch it on the either side of the lace. It will help you tie the choker on your neck. It is quite simple and also makes you look pretty!


3. Tassel dress – Take some multicoloured tassels. You can even make it yourself, by taking multicoloured threads and tying them from one end. Cut them in appropriate sizes and sew it to your dull plain dress which has been dumped into deep, dark recesses. Accessorize the dress well and you are ready to go voila!


4. Pretty bow Shirt – Here is the perfect way you can turn your basic tee into a pretty peep-a-boo top. Make these amazing bows with the help of a bright colored cloth or a simple printed cloth and make everyone eyeball you.


5. T-shirt dress – Having an old large tee of yours? Just cut it creatively in the way shown below and you are ready for the beach. It will add an oomph factor to you.


6. Studded denim cuffs – Buy some studs and stud the coughs in a pattern you desire. WOW! The cuffs have never looked more stylish!


7. Shoes – Buy a simple pair of heels and adorn it with a pretty bow! All what you need is just a bow and a button matching with the heels and you are ready to go tip-toe.


Hope these ideas will help you. Don’t worry about having to slog it day in and day out in order to become fashionable. The only thing that you need in ample amount is imagination. Let it soar and you will find yourself easily become the best-dressed person in the town.

Stay tuned for more articles like such.



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