What men should be wearing while travelling?


Well, enough for the fairer sex now! This one’s particularly for men. I distinctively wanted to write upon ‘dressing up while travelling’ ‘coz when I glance at people at airports, I get this feeling that airport is merely a runway for oversized sweat shirts, cheap cotton pyjama pants and flip flops (They are for the beach or pool!) totally unlike what it used to be during our grandparents time, when everyone used to look so presentable, dapper and well dressed as if they are going to attend an event (check the above picture). Their clothes well fit and hair combed. And the saddest part is at airports, these days no one bats an eye, ‘coz even others are dressed as shabbily. But not you my readers, ‘coz you are different. You don’t succumb to the way of masses, in their down-at-heel sweatshirts and ratty pyjama pants.

Presenting yourself is an important part of one’s life. It gives an idea without speaking to the world of what you perceive yourself as and what others should see you as. You know that dressing well is all about presentation and confidence. Because of this dressing well should extend to every part of your life. Even at the gym. Even while travelling.

While it would be ridiculous to go back to the ‘60s standard of dressing, I think we need to reassess what our clothes say about us. It’s more about how casual we dress for any situation that involves leaving the house. It’s not uncommon to see all grownups wearing pyjamas. At best, it’s the most severe form of laziness one could ever experience. At worst, it’s the sign that even putting up jeans has become a too much of effort!

Some tips:

1. Wearing chinos, may be in charcoal, light olive or mustard color is more comfortable ‘coz they are light weight than denims and presentable at the same time.

2. Top up your bottoms with a checkered shirt, polo shirt or some sort of linen shirt.

3. A lightweight coat or blazer toppled on the shirt looks absolutely fabulous and takes the whole outfit up three notches!  Also you may be meeting your friends or going out for a dinner at some point in time. You can make use of it at any time.

4.Wear your heaviest pair of leather shoes or loafers. This way you won’t have to stuff it in your luggage and carry a bulky pair of shoes.

Below are some of the celeb pictures which I think are perfectly dressed up for travel. Ofcourse, the word ‘perfect’ in this case is relative. If you are hoping to look fabulous and command respect from people then these are some of the perfect outfits for you. If you want to look messy in your baggy sweats, this will not be perfect (for you).


In the end, be comfortable, but be a man and sacrifice a small bit of comfort to look presentable!

Happy Travelling! 🙂


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