Get beautiful moisturized lips!


Is the harsh winter cold drying your lips and making them chapped and flaky? Do you want to have soft and healthy lips? Just like your skin requires cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing, your lips require it too.  In fact, they require it more!

Always keep in mind that lips are the most sensitive part of your body and requires proper nurturing from time to time. Lips are the only part in your body which do not produce any oil of their own because they lack oil glands unlike other body parts. Also they lack a tough protective layer that other part of your skin is blessed with. So it’s very important to take utmost care of your lips.

Undoubtedly, everyone gets attracted to soft and pink lips. Today I bring to you some useful tips to keep them healthy and moisturized.

Causes of chapping

  • Do not lick your lips. In order to keep our lips we usually lick them. Though it may help you temporally by giving you a moisturized feeling, licking only worsens the situation and makes lips dry. Saliva contains enzymes which lead to evaporation of moisture from your lips.
  • Using lip balms as a substitute to moisturize your lips is a big sin! Remember, lip balms are only a type of lubricant for the lips and do not hydrate them. People apply chap sticks to dehydrated lips coz it makes them feel smooth and wet, which they take to mean moisturized.
  • Lip balms contain an ingredient called camphor, which is a type of an acid and dries out your lips very quickly and you find the need to apply your balm again and again. This way people get addicted to balms.
  • No matter how much dryness you feel on your lips, do not attempt to remove the chapped skin with your fingers. This may make your lips bleed and pain when you eat or drink.

Some useful remedies which I am totally into and I swear by to keep dryness and chapping at bay-

  • Just the way scrubbing is important for your skin, similarly scrubbing dead and flaky skin is important for your lips. The best idea to remove the flake is to gently rub the surface of the skin with toothbrush bristles. This is not a hard task ‘coz you can easily manage to do it every time you brush your teeth.
  • To get smooth lips, take a pinch of salt and mix petroleum jelly or even homemade milk cream (malai). Rub gently onto your lips for 2-3 minutes. This acts as a natural scrubber to remove dead cells.
  • Apply and massage honey to keep lips moisturized. Trust me; it is the best way to hydrate your lips when you are at home! Applying a mixture of honey and glycerine regularly before going to bed makes lips healthy and soft in the morning.
  • Use fresh milk cream and rub lips with it. The high fat content of milk cream makes it an excellent moisturizer for lips. If you have issues with its smell, you can add lemon juice to it and then apply. You can also do away with black and dark lips by adding lemon juice. Lemon juice has properties which lightens the lips.
  • Drink plenty of waters. This is one tip I swear by! Water keeps you hydrated 24*7. It is good not only for your lips but also for skin, hairs et al. Make drinking water your religion and follow it strictly. You can ideally drink around 14-15 glasses of water.

P.s: Men please don’t shy away from using these remedies. After all, we all know there are days when even you have chapped lips.


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