Tame your tresses… with my top 14 best kept hair secrets

I was always the person who had envied other women head of hair and I am sure at one point or the other point in time we all had envied (don’t lie, you know you have). But not anymore!

I always had rough and frizzy hair until I started following some of the hair secrets. Now, when I look back and see my hair in old pictures, I myself stop believing that now my hair have become healthier, bouncier and shiner and frizz free as opposed to what I had earlier. I have some perfect tricks for you to get irresistibly healthy locks ‘over time’ to make rest of us jealous.


Don’t wash them every day.

It sounds dirty, but trust me, it is worth trying! I have limited shampooing 2-3 times a week. Washing hair daily strips them off their natural moisture and really dry it out. Though you can rinse them daily but avoid shampooing regularly if you have extremely dry hair, you will see major benefits in your hair.

No tight ponytails and braids.

Stay away from tight pony tails as much as possible. You may loose your hair because of the tightness which may lead to fly-aways, split ends and hair breakage. For braids, leave hair loose at the scalp. Also set your hair free at night while you go to sleep and let hair follicles breathe.

Don’t blow-dry.

I have hardly blow dried my hair even if it’s in my beauty package and my stylist insists on doing. The heat can temporarily set your hair right but what afterwards? Blow drying causes hair breakage and more fly-aways and damage hair roots. Give your blower a rest! Even if you need to blow dry, turn down the heat.

Oils for healthy locks.

Each time I shampoo my hair, I give my scalp and hair a massage. I alternate my oils with mustard oil or a concoction of olive, apricot and almond oil and leave oil overnight so that it penetrates deep into the hair and nourish them from within. Apply it evenly onto hair and scalp and massage it nicely. This will lead to more blood circulation which will strengthen the hair follicles and provides shine and manageability to hair.

Milk to nourish and straighten hair.

I fill a spray bottle with a one third cup of milk and spray it onto my dry hair and detangle hair with a wide tooth comb. You can even spray a concoction of milk and honey. After 30-40 minutes wash of your hair with a mild shampoo and condition them. You will notice your hair becoming smooth with regular use.

Egg for damsel beautiful locks.

I make a hair pack myself at home and use it once every 15 days. You can also DIY by taking two eggs, 2 tea spoon honey, 2 tea spoon yogurt, 2 tea spoon aloe vera gel, 2 tea spoon olive oil. Mix everything together and apply onto hair. Massage for few minutes to spread the mixture evenly. Leave for an hour and shmpoo as usual. For extra effects and more conditioning, I sometimes just rinse my hair with water and shampoo the following day.

Pour Vinegar/beer.

After shampooing, give your hair a last rinse with vinegar (make sure you dilute it in 3/4th water) or you can also use flat beer on your hair as a last rinse. It will give your hair a shiny lustre and make locks comparatively softer and bouncier. For your convenience you can also pour it into a spray bottle.

Switch to organic and natural shampoos.

All these years, I have used a variety of shampoos and realized nothing is better than natural and organic shampoos which are free from harmful chemicals. Also use a shampoo which is paraben free.

Note: shampoos only clean your scalp from dirt and excess oiliness. There is no other use of shampoo. So, stay away from false claims…that shampoo will aid in hair growth or make hair shiny bla bla!

Never rub your hair with a towel.

After shampooing never ever rub your hair with a towel. Rubbing wet hair with a towel destroys hair shaft which can lead to split ends and fly-aways. Instead, let hair dry naturally.

Use cold water for hair wash.

After shampooing and conditioning hair, rinse the conditioner with the coldest water you can stand. This seals the moisture in the hair so that hair looks healthy and shiny.

Never run a comb or brush through wet hair.

It’s been ages since I have done this horrendous mistake of combing my wet hair. Love your hair and stop combing wet hair because wet hairs are brittle and come off easily on combing the scalp, leading to hair fall.

Hot towel wrap.

Heat some extra virgin coconut oil and massage scalp for 10-15 minutes. Dip a microfiber towel in hot water and squeeze extra water from it. Wrap it in the form of a turban around your head. Let it stay on for 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure again and shampoo as usual.

Don’t comb too much.

Combing or brushing hair too much causes friction and therefore, hair loss. Limit combing to 2 times a day and not more. Also, do not comb/brush hair roughly. Begin detangling hair from the bottom and then move upwards to the scalp.

Stop using styling tools.

I have all sorts of curlers and straighteners at my home. But I haven’t touched them since the past few years only except last month because of family wedding. Ofcourse, you can use them! But don’t make it your daily habit. Instead, work with your natural texture. In my next article on beauty, I will be writing on how to get natural curls. So, you can stay tuned for that. But make minimalistic use of flat iron or curling iron. Limit it to once a month and gradually to once in two months.

Note: – Only continuous and strict following of the above tips will change the texture of hair from rough and dry to soft and shiny hair.

Last but not the least, you ought to love your tresses and be gentle to them! Loving and taking care of them will make your locks even more beautiful.


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