Trend alert: Midi dress is the new LBD!


Yes, you are getting me right! Ever since the midi dress came into fashion a couple of years ago, they have become pretty ubiquitous, with most retailers stocking these in their shops. And of course, we have adorned them since childhood. I remember, 7-8 years back I have loved these in my wardrobe and I had couple of pretty midis which I had always taken great pleasure in wearing it. Also, not to forget to mention, a recent addition to my wardrobe is a very pretty black midi from a Zara showroom which I completely love it.

Although, midis are easy to find everywhere, but not easy to wear! It needs confidence, panache and zeal to wear it because midis can be one of the most troublesome lengths of all: it’s a dress with a hem which hits a mid-calf- halfway between the knee and the ankle. So, it’s quite easy to look frumpy in a dress which highlights your calves because they have the tendency to make you look shorter: they cut across the leg at its widest part and this is the reason why many people find it unflattering. But, if worn right they can look very flattering and give you that WOW factor. There are many people who can look fantastic in this particular length of hem if they can carry themselves well.

Tips on how to adorn a midi:-

Consider your shoes…


Yes! One of the very important things to consider about this type of dresses is shoes. Your shoes can change every outfit a great deal. Heels would elongate the leg and make you look taller because midi dresses by their very nature makes you look stumpier. So, they would probably be the best choice for a midi style. Midis provide you an excellent excuse to break out your highest heels/ stilettos and wear them. If you are not a heel lover then, strappy sandals, shoes with a strap at the ankle or gladiators would also do the favour.

Coats to make a style statement and nevertheless to protect from the winters cold!


Consider wearing either a full length coat or a short coat which ends at the hips or the waist. Avoid wearing coats which a slightly shorter than the dress because they can again make you look short and broad.

Guidelines for the appropriate length of the midi:-

There is nothing like a perfect midi length but technically, your midi should be a true mid-calf length. So, if you are petite and trying the beautiful midi in a shop and it turns out to reach your ankle, then consider buying it if you have a good tailor to alter it. This way, you can get the perfect length for yourself. If on the other hand, you are taller, most of the midi dresses will work for you and you may not require any alterations. If you consider your calves meaty and thick, then wear a midi some inches below your thickest point at calf or just below your knees so that your meaty legs does not get noticed which otherwise may give you a stumpy look.

In the end, the best length is the one which suits you, your body shape, your personal style and where you are planning to wear it.

So my dear readers what do you think??? Are you going to get a midi and try it out??

Your comments keep me going…


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