Make up tips and tricks

Applying makeup is a great fun and perhaps the finest way a women can transform herself. Makeup is also a great beauty enhancer. But in the race of enhancing our beauty, we forget how to intact our natural beauty whilst applying makeup. Today, I am sharing my favourite makeup tips and tricks to give you a stunning look for any occasion along with protecting your skin.

1. Wash your face with facial foam to get rid of all the dirt. Never apply makeup on unclean face.


2. Rub an ice cube on your face before starting with makeup. Do not apply it directly on your face because it can cause an ice burn. Wrap it in a cotton cloth and then use it. The application of the ice will reduce the face pores which otherwise might remain open and bacteria and other chemicals might go deep within the skin which your makeup contains.


3. Mix foundation with your moisturizer. This way you can avoid a cake face after your makeup and also make your skin glow.


4. After applying foundation, steam your face for around a minute or so. This is worth trying, trust me! It gives a complete natural and a dewy fresh look to your face.


5. If you already have a clean and clear skin avoids using foundations because they stop the skin from breathing and clog the pores. Instead, I use a mixture of loose talcum powder and some drops of moisturizer. I use it as a substitute of foundation. This gives a natural look without bogging down with lots of heavy foundation and also takes care of my oiliness. Another good option is using tinted moisturizers.


6. To avoid bleeding of the lipstick, massage your lips with a balm and pat a loose talcum powder on them before applying the lipstick on. This way your lips will also stay moisturized.


7. Never use outdated cosmetics on your skin and especially to the area around the eyes and never share your makeup with anyone.


8. After makeup application clean your makeup brushes and other applicators to get rid of the dust and oil. Also, I see many people keeping their brushes outside on their dressing tables. This should be avoided because brushes catch bacteria and dust which when used on the face may lead to acne problems and eventually blackheads and break outs.


9. Avoid corals and orange lipsticks unless your teeth are sparkling white. Instead use pinks, plums and reds. Orange lipsticks highlight the paleness of teeth more than any other color.


10. Never apply lipstick testers to your lips in a store to maintain your hygiene. Try applying it to the back of your wrist instead.


In the end, always keep your makeup light. Stay away from heavy foundations if you don’t want a cake face and your makeup to blot down especially in summers.


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