White is the new black!


They said ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’. Then why not play with your eyes? Yes, you got me right! Play with the white liner. The white liners are immensely in trend. Though women have been using white liners since long but it’s something which is trending up higher now a days.


Eye liner worn along the water line (in the inner contour of the lower eyes).

Eyes when done up with the right kind of makeup always have the ability to draw positive attention. The white liner when worn along the waterline, brighten up your eyes and also gives the appearance of bigger eyes. I have been recently applying liner like this only. Also, along with the waterline you can use it in the inner side of the eyes (in a V shape) if you have very small eyes. This gives eyes a wider appearance.


Eye liner used in the inner side of the eyes in V shape.

Not only do white liners enhance the size of your eyes, but also give eyes a refreshed look. I use ‘coloressence’ white liner for my eyes. Though, I bought it a long time back, but didn’t try it because I was a bit sceptical to apply it. But now, I feel one should not be afraid of experimenting with new things because it really turned out to be great for my eyes! So, sometimes the best looks that a person gets comes from experimenting different ideas and looks. Because I bought this liner just to try how it looks on me, I am thinking to purchase another good new liner.


Tip: Don’t over power your beautiful face with a lot of makeup. Keep it simple and chick! The trick is to do them in such a subtle way that you accentuate your best features and don’t end up making them look as though they are too heavily made up.

Go and recreate it yourself and let me also know what you think of white liners 🙂


7 thoughts on “White is the new black!

  1. I always try to accentuate my eyes much more than lips, sometimes I love to play with eyeshadows as well) nevertheless, the sense of proportion should be in everything!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

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