Post-party skincare


Went to a party with oodles of makeup on? Returned from late night party and cocktail with wreck havoc on your skin?  Got breakouts, pimples and baggy eyes? Nothing ages your skin quite like the excess of parties and clubbing, but there are several natural things you can do to firm and refresh your face. Pep your skin up in a jiffy with some of mine tried and tested skin savers for long lasting results.



If you are suffering from reddened and blotchy skin…

Though alcohol in itself causes redness but wearing more makeup can also cause redness. Applying aloe Vera gel daily at night helps benefit your skin through its nourishing ingredients. It helps soothe the skin from within. Leave it overnight.

Another option is using curd water. You can get curd water by hanging some curd in a muslin cloth and use the remaining water with a cotton ball on your face. For best results, apply by chilling it. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Apply a good moisturizer after that.

 If you are suffering from dehydrated and dry skin…

Using virgin coconut oil has the ability to rejuvenate damaged and dry skin. Coconut oil also evens out my skin tone, heals and repairs skin from within. Also apply it around the eyes to get rid of wrinkles. Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning to get that healthy glow.

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily also helps in keeping your body hydrated. Do not skip drinking water.

 If you are suffering from oily skin…

Using tomato helps considerable reduction in the oiliness of my face. Dip cotton ball into tomato juice and apply onto your face. Leave on for 5 minutes and wash it off. Not only will it help to reduce oiliness but it is also a great face lifter. It helps to tone and tighten my skin.

Never apply a cream based moisturizer for oily skin. Use a gel based moisturizer to hydrate your skin as well as to put an end to your skin’s excessive oil production.

 If you are suffering from puffy skin and eyes…

Take some ice cubes under your eyes and around your face to reduce the swelling and puffiness on your face. The rest of the day, be sure to sip on at least 10 glasses of water or more. I recommend adding lemon juice to the water because it not only improves the taste but also helps to flush out all the toxins from your body to reduce bloating.

 In the end, not only are the above things meant for use only as post party saviours but you can even otherwise use them at night before sleeping because your skin gets repaired and is at its best when you are sleeping. I recommend applying it daily because they are all natural things without any side effects which are bound to show some results on your face. Though, the results are not going to be immediate but you shall definitely notice the improvement when applied daily.


17 thoughts on “Post-party skincare

  1. Most my post-party skin problem is that I pass out as soon as I get home (without washing my make-up off). My skin feels all nasty the next day. I’ll have to try some of these tricks out!

    • I would definitely do that dear and share it in my next post!
      Well, we are sailing in the same boat. I have quite a few pimple scars left on my face and I am using home remedies to get rid of them. Pimple scars are hard to go in a jiffy, but trying simple home remedies go a long way in helping me to do away with scars and blemishes.

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