Nailing office style: – for men!


My verdict – Avoid the “corporate drone” look…

Blue suits, silk ties and black shoes have become de rigueur office attire, though rarely exciting. Now many offices are following relaxed office code where employees are even allowed to come in Bermudas, chapels and tees. But one should always wear clothes that command respect from the peers and the seniors. Only if your clothes will command respect, you’ll be able to walk with head high up.

Office attire should be such which is just not too “corporate droned” but at the same time not be too casual so that one have ease of movement in the office and at the same time look his best. For that you need not necessarily wear three piece suits. But what is important is that even after the relaxed office code you don’t forget to look presentable. After all, your physical presentation is the manifestation of your professional investment. Clothes are the key indication and reinforcement of our social standing. Therefore, one should be dressed to the nines every day.

To play the part, you’ve got to look the part. I am dedicated to help you get there and upgrade your office look with some of my tips.

Wardrobe essentials –


  • Think about pink!

White is the staple office color. Consider something unusual. Say, pink. Choose a color that is soft rather than sugary and then beef it up with a dark tone necktie in a darker hue, which will add a pop of color, for instance purple, mauve which will compliment the most because both have red in it. But try choosing tie in the same color family. Adding a pop of color is one of the easiest ways to add personality whether its pocket square, stripped socks, contrast sole shoes or a necktie.

  • Bold prints.

Go brash and bold with wider prints like a checkered shirt which I rarely see as an office wear. Make a balsy statement with a bold print shirt and a plain tie which will look equivalently good. Throwing a tie on a random day helps catch your co -workers off-guard and you will be more noticeable and be able to differentiate yourself from the army of anonymous dressed men.

  • Tucked in.

Always keep the damn thing tucked in when in office. It will look visually more appealing to the eyes and give you a serious and a professional look which otherwise might give you a relaxed a laid back look.

  • Tees with text- a big no – no!

Tees with text should not be worn to office. Show some dignity by wearing a shirt suitable for casual business encounters. Find something with a bit of class, like a polo shirt.


A pair of checked trousers looks absolutely fantastic for formal meetings which also set you apart from the crowd who wear plain trousers. Another option is to wear linen pants but cargo trousers are a big no-no for use as office wear because they are too casual. While no one disputes that cargoes are great for weekend, these baggy trousers do not inspire confidence in your peers, seniors and clients when at work. Try corduroy trousers instead which are equally comfortable to wear whole day along.


Howsoever relaxed your office dress may be, stay away from flip flops. Understand that men wear socks and leather shoes to work. For your comfort and convenience you can go for a pair of leather loafers which are just as comfortable as flip flops.

Also the idea of socks with flip-flops is a big no-no! It looks so childish and make the person under dressed.

In the end, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

I hope I have helped to keep all eyes on you…

To keep your office attire upgraded, keep all eyes on me!



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