Floral mania…


…One feels like stepping the spring with the floral prints, it makes you look impressive in its austere simplicity, it communicates and spreads optimism all around and nevertheless gals go crazy for its feminine looks! I am writing about none other than my most-liked and irresistible clothing pattern-: ‘floral’ inspired by my love of nature.


Floral prints being typically reserved for holidays and spring season is a fashion faux pas. We see flowers popping up everywhere and in every variety from runways to fashion weeks. Then why limit floral prints only to spring season? Yes, I agree they communicate the onset of spring in which we experience the calls of birds, the popping of colorful flowers poking through the soil, butterflies communicating with the scents and colors but who said you can’t adorn yourself with blooms and buds and complete the incompleteness of spring season with aesthetic and alluring floral prints. After all, we girls don’t do a fashion, but instead be a fashion!


Get these vibrant and quirky flower prints bloom on everything from hot pants, cocktail dresses, skirts, to even bikinis to set the temperature soaring even in summers.

So this summer go crazy with floral in almost everything and anything that you can substitute in your wardrobe for these prints. I am definitely in for it! How about you??? 🙂



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