Bag(it): the colour-pop arm candy way!


Which girl/woman doesn’t adore bags? I do them, so do you! After all, bags are to die for. Bags are not only to keep the stuff in, but they have made their ways into fashion statement. From clutches, to totes, to slings, to shoulder bags there is numerous numbers of bags available. To choose from among plethora of styles and colours is no less than an exercise. We have always heard that matching your handbag with the shoes is a good idea. But I go a step further to say that mismatch is the new match!

Mismatch creates a colour block and adds a pop of colour to any outfit. A pop of colour is the easiest way to add personality. Below is gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr looking colourful yet elite and sophisticated. I appreciate the fact that she teetered royal blue pumps with a bright orange tote bag which made a statement on her arms and her neon bag in the second photo is looking impeccable. These looks are all about the bag which has actually brightened up her entire outfit.


Taylor Swift’s green sling is looking equally glamorous and chic at the same time and definitely adding a colour pop to the dull outfit.


I loved the way Freida Pinto has accessorized her yellow outfit with bold snakeskin bag. She looks all colourful and the bag definitely adds to her charm and her wine coloured mismatch bag with royal blue dress is looking no less!


These are just the images to get you started. You don’t need to ape them to look gorgeous because all you girlies are already so gorgeous! Just have your own style and remember next time you go out, take that arm candy away which least matches your outfit.

Stay happy, stay stylish! 🙂


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