Valentine day quirky nail art

Hey folks,

Happy valentine day to you all. Hope everyone is making the best of their day out there!

Girls don’t pass any opportunity to do a festive nail art, so don’t let this time be any different. I thought even I shouldn’t pass this opportunity to deck up my nails for the valentine day. So I did up this quirky nail art which is actually setting my pulse high to get into valentine mode!

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Normally I like my nails just painted plane without any art. Though, this trial was not bad at all! Hope you all liked them too. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to paint your nails! 🙂


Reinvent your lounge – A makeover and a new lease of life!

Are you tired of the boring hues of your living area? Do you want to change from your dull white walls? Then this is the place to be! Here I bring to you some amazing and beautiful living room decor ideas for you which are not only imaginable but also practical. In today’s hectic life where one hardly gets time to breathe, when one goes back home from their work place all what they desire is that they can spend some quality time lounging, relaxing and socializing with the family members in this room.

You can try some ideas from the following list which can help to turn your retiring living area into a lively lounging place for everyone.

1)      Flowers – Adding flowers to any interior would lighten up the entire place and bring a cheerful and happy atmosphere all around.

Tip: To do this you can use pink cherry blossoms in sky blue jars. This will make the flowers look whimsical with the overall white setting.


Do you have blue jars or accessories? I can’t seem to get enough of them!

2)      Cushions – Brighten up the entire lobby with a throw of cushions. It’s the best way to redecorate the lounge economically. Just by being creative you can add color and style to the lounge. Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment new styles! The best of all is that not only they add versatility but are also inexpensive. Buy these cushions according to your style and taste depending on whether you like contemporary vintage looks or modern stylish looks.


3)      Lamps – The lighting in the lobby should be adequate, and properly illuminate the space. Lamps according to me are the one way to get the perfect ambience for the living area. You can use them in any form like table lamps, wall lighting fixtures, hanging lamps in the form of chandeliers or even standing candles can lighten the lobby. Place them in such a manner that they do not emit the light directly into the eyes.


4)      Mirrors – The mirrors have been in use since last 20 centuries in the palaces of kings. They used to be the expensive pleasures of kings and an average mirror then cost about twice as expensive as paintings by the same amount of the most famous artists of that time. Such an expensive pleasure could then be afforded only by a king.

There are twin advantages of mirrors. Along with making the room beautiful and grandeur, they help in reflecting the lights and creating duplicates and thus, make the room look larger and spacious. You can use mirrors of different sizes and shapes to decor the living area.


5)      Collage – If you have a narrow lobby, a collage of characters or your family photos is a great way of adding character to your home. Nothing is more relaxing than seeing the pictures of the family and getting the feeling of ‘being with them’.


Tip:  You can also use spotlights to highlight the pictures (make sure the lights do not face the pictures directly)

6)      Rugs and Carpets – Shaggy rugs and carpets give a touch of royalty to a place and enhance the look of a lobby. A good rug can anchor the entire composition of a room. Be endearing and break out of your decorating comfort zone. Against white walls, a bold colored and patterned rug (preferably a zebra patterned, as shown in the photo) adds a shock of color and becomes the focal point of the room.


Tip: The size of the rug should be slightly smaller than the area covered by the furniture. I prefer to keep the first two legs of the sofa or the chairs on the area rug.

7)      Wallpapers – Transform your room with stunning patterns for the wall. Adding wallpaper can make the lobby look very stylish. Choose interesting art works that coordinate well with the furniture and the wall. You can use subtle and soft patterns if you are a risk-averse or shocking and daring designs if you love experimenting new styles and turn a featureless room into a breathtaking space.


8)      Plants – Keeping some fresh indoor plants in the living area gives a vibrant and a lively touch to the area. Placing the plants at the corner of the lobby gives an aesthetic look. Greenery adds life and spice to any place!


Suggestion – Don’t end up using all the ideas at a go because it will give a clumsy look to the area. A living area should be simple, free from clutter and elegant at the same time.

Go, liven up your living area and create the magic!