Fancy up your topknot bun!

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These days everyone’s wearing topknots…your tresses piled up expertly on top! Look to celebs for inspo. Gone are the days when due to the holy heat and steaming hot whether people used to tie up their hair. Everyone is sporting a top bun here and then irrespective of the occasion or season. The entire fashion bandwagon has been following and sporting this look since a long time. But this juncture what my concern is, to give a twist to a normal topknot by adding glitz to your bun instead of sloppily throwing your hair into it.

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Take the trend to a new level by just wrapping a bandana around your top bun or by braiding a scarf in your hair and tying them in a bun. The market in these times is full of hair accessories…be it a fancy bobby bin, attractive hair bands or pretty hair bows. Go grab one now or take that scarf out lying in a dingy corner of your cupboard which is not being used since some time and make some use out of it to turn heads.

So, no more a top bun will be reserved for days spent in sweatpants in front of TV. From classy and sleek to casual and messy, this hairdo is here to stay if accessorised playfully.

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You’ll definitely grab all eyeballs with your fancied up version of topknot-yippee!

Have fun Gals! 🙂


Pretty up your umbrellas… the next big fashion forward accessory is here!

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We have often been using umbrellas on a dreary rainy day or to rescue ourselves from the sun. But then, this is not its sole purpose. The new use of umbrellas is as a ‘fashion accessory’. It has been in use on the ramps and runways by models as a fashion accessory for long and it will be continued to be used like this to death. From ramp walks, to celebrities carrying it on the sets, to queen Elizabeth matching her umbrella rims with her outfit everyone has been adorning this accessory.

Why limit the use of umbrella only to a rainy day? We all are aware of the damaging effects of sun on our skin. For a clear and porcelain skin, hats and sunscreens are not sufficient. One must opt for umbrellas and parsons to keep the sun at bay. After all, extra protection does not come at the cost of your skin and can give you that radiant and freckle free skin! Nowadays umbrellas in the market come with waterproofing treatment to keep the rain from pouring in and UV protection to keep the skin from freckling, so, they can be used both in rain and in sun.

Not only have the umbrellas gained celebrity appeal, but also its growing awareness among the people of the damage caused by the sun has helped up the use of umbrellas. The customers now not only want ‘just’ an umbrella, but they want umbrellas in beautiful and vibrant colours, prints, fabrics, graphics and embroidery to match or go in contrast with their attires. The modern day umbrellas are equipped with stylish and modish designs and serves multipurpose. It serves both the f’s; Function and fashion!

In the olden golden era, fashion umbrellas were considered a status symbol often carried by royalties and aristocrats. From such mentions, it is implied that the umbrella does not appear to have been used just as a defence from rain; rather an item of fashion or decoration and this era will be continued…

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So, why use and carry a stylish and fashionable umbrella solely on a dreary rainy day? Instead, show off the vibrant and pretty colors and romantic lacy umbrellas because…

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Walk stylish, stay stylish! 🙂

The elite and glam accessories to doll up yourself- My jewellery hauls!

My verdict – Go for bright and elegant jewellery.

It is very important to look good and presentable no matter what we do and where we go. In doing so, one should always be fashionable. I believe one can look absolutely stunning and out-and-out blooming by wearing any statement jewellery. As I am an avid lover of jewellery and can’t do without it, I thought to share my latest purchases of jewellery with my readers.


This is a beautiful statement neck piece by ‘Zara’. I saw it for the first time and couldn’t resist myself from buying it. It is stunningly vivacious and beautiful. Though heavy winter discounts are going on but my jewellery shopping doesn’t depend upon it. This was a fresh piece without any discount. So, for me, sale or no sale purchases have to go on! 😉 I surely have to keep this piece for special occasions only.


These tear drop ear rings are from ‘Forever New’. I love emerald and was thinking to purchase emeralds since long and finally found this one. It is a very elegant pair and I have already worn it once and was flooded with compliments. I don’t necessarily wear jewellery matching with my clothes; I mean red with red, black with black and so on. I try and break the match to give it a contrast effect which also catches more attention and make you stand out in the crowd.


Well, these studs are from ‘AND’. Though I am not into studs that much, but I found these very pretty. I got these to match with a top of mine and they match perfectly with it. The golden-copper detailing around the peach stone gives it a very sophisticated look. I got these ones on a discounted rate and I was lucky enough to buy this on discount because I had a setting with the sales person and got to know that they are putting their accessories on 20% off the next day.


Last but not the least, these golden loops are from ‘Ayesha’. The golden color gives them a greeky and a goddess touch. I love the color and they can be accessorised with almost any outfit of mine.

Jewellery should be such which compliments your clothes and gives a new exquisite look to you that surely draws others attention. For me, jewellery is a part of my lifestyle. I need to wear it wherever I go according to the occasion no matter where I go. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and a high. I have bags full of jewellery and I believe they are not just ornaments but they are valuable assets which will remain with me for the years to come. Jewelleries can actually glam up your entire outfit, especially the outfit which is dull and plain. It adds a touch of sophistication to your attire and enhances your clothes and looks.

Tip: Don’t overdo with a lot of accessories. It will give you a very clumsy look. Instead, keep it simple and elegant with one or two statement pieces. All you need to do is to learn how to properly accessorise yourself with different types of clothes and surely you will shine.

Slits- Dare to wear!


The slit skirt and dress has always been a common detail on red carpet gowns. But now this trend is invading into cocktails and also day wears. The dresses with a teeny – weeny slit can even be worn to office or other formal gatherings which will not only look elegant, but also allow you to move.  If you are the one who keeps themselves updated on recent fashion fads and trends, it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to know that these dresses are enjoying oodles of popularity. Though it has been in trend for quite some time now, but it has chartered its way up to large scale likeability. Today I was feeling inspired to write something on slit skirts and nevertheless, I am also looking forward to buy one!


Slit dresses come in plethora of lengths and styles, be in midis, minis, skirts or maxi dresses. Slits, be it big or small look best in maxi dresses which creates a high dramatic visual effect, perfect for wearing it anywhere to be the cynosure of everyone eyes. Maxi dresses with a slit come in various fabrics like airy and flowing ones, which are chiffon, crepe, georgette, polyester which highlights your movements and give a sensuous effect and other heavy and luxurious fabrics like silk, lace etc which make you feel royal and like a heavily adorned princess.

 It can be a basic black maxi that parts to offer a peek of your stunning long legs or a combination of sheer with an underskirt that cuts just at the right pace to give you that drop dead gorgeous look.

Accessorizing with the slits

It is very important for you to wear the right accessories which complement the slits. However, decking yourself too much can be a spoiler with your slits. So, avoid too many accessories. Rather, just settle for any statement piece and let your dress be in the limelight and take the scene. Don’t let your jewels overpower your attire. Moreover, if your dress is already richly printed or exotically sequined, minimal accessorising is best because rich prints add oodles of glamour to the already super sizzling and sexy slit dress.


Shoe them right

Just pair them with the right shoes to get that look and walk with chutzpah. You can use strappy sandals or gladiators for the casual day time shopping look or bring those high heeled stilettos out for the evening prom or party look.


In the end, perhaps, slit dresses are the best way to reveal your toned legs and make a fashion statement. Slits are sure to make you look no less than a diva!

I am surely going to buy mine! What about you???

Go and be a show stealer! 🙂