Acne prone skin? Watch how this beauty blogger tells to get rid of acne and it’s easy and effective too!


Who does not suffer with acne? We all once in a while get breakouts here and there. In this video posted on instagram, youngcouture demonstrates the home remedy to get away with acne, which might help you with a clear skin, to which I second!

1st remedy-

Take half a lemon juice and add 2 spoons of oatmeal and mix some water. Smoothen this mixture on face and keep it on for some time and rinse it later. I suggest keeping it on face for roughly 15 minute to let the mixture do its wonders.

2nd remedy-

Take a freshly cut aloe vera stem and scrap the raw aloe gel and rub it onto your face. You can leave it as it is on your face for the entire day if you are indoors or wash it off after 15 minutes.

 Lemons being anti bacterial are rich in vitamin C and good for a clear complexion and also helps in diminishing the scars.

Oats are something I also swear by and they are very good for dry and itchy skin and also they are a natural exfoliator.

Aloe vera being anti-inflammatory helps to soothe the redness and heal acne.

So go ahead, try it to feel the difference.



Guilt-free indulgence: Chocolate face mask

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.06.24 am

Chocolate…Who doesn’t love this delight??? It keeps me craving for more, more and more! If the very thought of biting into a piece of chocolate makes you happy, then how about toppling it all over your face? Psychology says that the very aroma of chocolate stimulates the emotional ‘feel-good’ centers of the brain.

Chocolates are full of antioxidants which preserve your youth and beauty by fighting free radicals from hurting collagen – a protein which imparts elasticity to our skin, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin and helps in renewal of skin cells.

Then why not smoothen this guilt- free indulgence that imparts a healthy glow to your skin and that too when it is available at the ease of your home. These exotic beauty treatments in a saloon can weigh heavy on pocket! I bring to you a simple yet effective DIY face mask-

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.06.38 am

Mix 1 tsp Unsweetened Cocoa powder with 2 tsp egg white(less or more depending upon the consistency of the mixture). The concoction should be thick enough to slather on face and it shouldn’t drip. Apply it to your face and relax for about 30 minutes till it dries completely. Wash off to see the radiant you! Apply the regular moisturizer after that and you are ready to go.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 1.06.50 am

Along with the benefits of chocolate, the egg white in this mask will help tighten your skin to erase the fine lines and also improve the skin tone.

I had a splendid experience indulging in this chocolate face pack.

Experience it, to believe it 🙂

Don’t forget to share your experience!



Mattify it!


Getting worried about your facial skin looking greasy, shiny like a frying pan? Not anymore! Now you can have a perfect matt and grease free skin at the ease of your home. Try my DIY 3 in 1 facial mask which also serves as a face scrub and a face wash. This can be the best treatment at your rescue for oily skin with blackheads.


Ever wondered that rice can serve as potent for your skin? It helps absorb excess oil from the skin. Its other added benefits are: – it aids in getting soother and softer skin, reduce fine lines and blemishes, even out skin tone and reduce inflammation. It is a much over-looked skin care product that can even rival the best commercial products.







Keep grinded rice and oat powder in an equal quantity in a container. So that every time you apply the mask, you won’t have to grind it again and again. Mix all the ingredients together in such a proportion that you get a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Lightly scrub it off when it dries and wash off. I would suggest applying this luxurious face pack every night before going to bed as a substitute of face wash followed by a nice oil free moisturizer or a gel.

See the difference yourself! 🙂

Get your feet sandal ready…!


Summers have approached and you need to wear strappy sandals and peep toes. But you have undone nails, roughness and dryness on and around the toes? Your toes may not be on show yet… but they soon will be!

Take yourself off and get them sorted with these tips and tricks in the comfort of your own home to make your feet looking great in summer sandals:


massage your feet and toe nails every time you get out of the shower with any oil (be it almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil)



slightly brush up your feet and specially toe nails with a fresh lemon ring every time after you remove your old nail polish. This way, you will get rid of yellow toe nails caused by prolonged application of nail paint.



we all know Cleopatra’s most well known beauty secret is her milk bath! Milk removes hardened skin and lactic acid in the milk lightens the skin. Soak your feet in milk or if you want to avoid wastage, you can dip a cotton ball into milk and apply onto your feet.



scrub your feet at least twice a week with a pumice stone. This will remove the dead skin traces and dryness from your feet to reveal softer skin.



put some foot cream or oil on your feet at night before going to bed and wrap your feet with a plastic and fasten them with a rubber band (not too tight though) and enclose them in cotton socks for the whole night. This will definitely leave your feet feeling smoother and softer than ever before. Do this once in a week and Voila! You are ready to go tip toe.



Okay! I agree, this isn’t good for your nails, but at least they make your feet look awesome! Use some bright colors. Bright colors catch more attention and make you really stand out.


NOTE: – Don’t forget to trim and file your nails on daily basis. After all, no one loves claw-like nails peeping out your sandals! And cut them straight across instead of giving them a curve shape because curved nails will increase the risk of painful ingrown toenails.

That’s all folks!

Now you won’t be embarrassed to show your feet off in sandals to the world 🙂


Lupita Nyong’o – epitome of beauty, who has changed the standard of beauty…


She is as dark as night, chiseled face beauty, with sharp features, high cheekbones…Yes, you are right! I am talking about none other than Lupita Nyong’o, the Oscar winning actress, who has set different standards of beauty, through her tough yet confident looks. Beauty has always been “being fair and light skin color”…unless Lupita came into the scene. This black beauty…”black” in literal terms, has made everyone proud and become an inspiration for all the black girls.

Passion…Passion for you and people around you is the true parameter and essence of beauty. Beauty is being you, being your inner self, being generous, being confident in your own skin…which scores high and not the skin tone because all will fade after a while and only the soul shall be remembered.

Dare to dream…Life has not finished if you are black! …It’s the beginning of new life with a challenge to prove, ‘there is no shade in beauty’. Watch this beautiful video, the speech, which literally swept me off my floor. Incredible is the word for it! A must watch!!

White is the new black!


They said ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’. Then why not play with your eyes? Yes, you got me right! Play with the white liner. The white liners are immensely in trend. Though women have been using white liners since long but it’s something which is trending up higher now a days.


Eye liner worn along the water line (in the inner contour of the lower eyes).

Eyes when done up with the right kind of makeup always have the ability to draw positive attention. The white liner when worn along the waterline, brighten up your eyes and also gives the appearance of bigger eyes. I have been recently applying liner like this only. Also, along with the waterline you can use it in the inner side of the eyes (in a V shape) if you have very small eyes. This gives eyes a wider appearance.


Eye liner used in the inner side of the eyes in V shape.

Not only do white liners enhance the size of your eyes, but also give eyes a refreshed look. I use ‘coloressence’ white liner for my eyes. Though, I bought it a long time back, but didn’t try it because I was a bit sceptical to apply it. But now, I feel one should not be afraid of experimenting with new things because it really turned out to be great for my eyes! So, sometimes the best looks that a person gets comes from experimenting different ideas and looks. Because I bought this liner just to try how it looks on me, I am thinking to purchase another good new liner.


Tip: Don’t over power your beautiful face with a lot of makeup. Keep it simple and chick! The trick is to do them in such a subtle way that you accentuate your best features and don’t end up making them look as though they are too heavily made up.

Go and recreate it yourself and let me also know what you think of white liners 🙂

Make up tips and tricks

Applying makeup is a great fun and perhaps the finest way a women can transform herself. Makeup is also a great beauty enhancer. But in the race of enhancing our beauty, we forget how to intact our natural beauty whilst applying makeup. Today, I am sharing my favourite makeup tips and tricks to give you a stunning look for any occasion along with protecting your skin.

1. Wash your face with facial foam to get rid of all the dirt. Never apply makeup on unclean face.


2. Rub an ice cube on your face before starting with makeup. Do not apply it directly on your face because it can cause an ice burn. Wrap it in a cotton cloth and then use it. The application of the ice will reduce the face pores which otherwise might remain open and bacteria and other chemicals might go deep within the skin which your makeup contains.


3. Mix foundation with your moisturizer. This way you can avoid a cake face after your makeup and also make your skin glow.


4. After applying foundation, steam your face for around a minute or so. This is worth trying, trust me! It gives a complete natural and a dewy fresh look to your face.


5. If you already have a clean and clear skin avoids using foundations because they stop the skin from breathing and clog the pores. Instead, I use a mixture of loose talcum powder and some drops of moisturizer. I use it as a substitute of foundation. This gives a natural look without bogging down with lots of heavy foundation and also takes care of my oiliness. Another good option is using tinted moisturizers.


6. To avoid bleeding of the lipstick, massage your lips with a balm and pat a loose talcum powder on them before applying the lipstick on. This way your lips will also stay moisturized.


7. Never use outdated cosmetics on your skin and especially to the area around the eyes and never share your makeup with anyone.


8. After makeup application clean your makeup brushes and other applicators to get rid of the dust and oil. Also, I see many people keeping their brushes outside on their dressing tables. This should be avoided because brushes catch bacteria and dust which when used on the face may lead to acne problems and eventually blackheads and break outs.


9. Avoid corals and orange lipsticks unless your teeth are sparkling white. Instead use pinks, plums and reds. Orange lipsticks highlight the paleness of teeth more than any other color.


10. Never apply lipstick testers to your lips in a store to maintain your hygiene. Try applying it to the back of your wrist instead.


In the end, always keep your makeup light. Stay away from heavy foundations if you don’t want a cake face and your makeup to blot down especially in summers.