Boot tribes

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Ditch your open toe and strappy sandals for winter boots! It’s finally time to let go of those last summer days when you would wear strappy sandals. The boots these days are so stylish and tempting and make the prospect of a chilly start particularly appealing.

They are available in a plethora of styles and colours, with and without heels, from thigh high to ankle boots. You just have to find out which shoe tribe you belong to. Finding a perfect pair of shoes is not as much as of a wrench as you might think because there are plenty of options available these days, plus we can attribute some success to Globalization, that has made it easier for us to reach and search for the best. Few weeks back we could see Model Miranda Kerr tweeting that she was searching a perfect pair of boots for her from an e site… (Eh! Globalization has definitely set us a new standard. Before I forget, we are discussing boots not Globalization :D)

Go for oh-so-glamorous and chic look with the befitting shoes for yourself. Find out which shoe tribe you belong to here.

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Look incredibly stylish even in winters and don’t let the winter chill seize your charm!

Tiptoe ladies. 🙂


Autumn style statement….quintessential slender wedges

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They are as sexy as stilettos –but provide better balance. They are none other than slender wedges. Go incredibly stylish in these quirky heels which are less chunky than the classic wedges and more elite and distinctive.

As cute as the shoes are, the more bearable to keep them on feet they should be. But in reality the more sexier the heel seems to be, the more the pain-o-meter is! The slender wedges can actually take some of the stress off your ankles and give your toes more wiggle room.

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The slender version of the wedges makes your legs appear long and lean which obviously is an advantage for girls/ladies with short height. The wedge shoes, by nature are very stylish, fashionable and cosmopolitan. One can up their fashion quotient by just choosing to wear them.

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They can be worn with almost any outfit; skirts, dresses, trousers, et all. But just be sure to balance everything while you dress up. One shouldn’t look dressed up over the top; shoes shouldn’t overwhelm you or your dress.

It is as clear as black and white to me that slender wedges are here to rock! So what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair or flaunt if you already have one 🙂

…How about over the knee socks?


Knee high socks are definitely the talk of the town with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift having adorning this trend since long. These socks look so girls and sweet that they make every girl a little marshmallow of gorgeousness.

Not only do these want me to dive into a bathtub full of candy floss, but also they are a very convenient option to wear during spring time, when the weather is neither below the freezing point and nor too warm! Basically, they make a nice transition from winters to spring.

They best look with shorts, short skirts, skater skirts and dresses. Also, they are the best option to adorn when you aren’t quite ready to step out bare-legged. Team it up with sneakers for a casual day out with friends or heels and wedges for a dinner somewhere out. They are bound to make you look gorgeous anytime!


Styling tip: – If you have been keeping an eye out on patterns of spring, then you should not forget the dainty floral prints. As these socks make a nice transition from winters to spring, adore them with a floral print dress.


Suggestion: – You should be careful about wearing these socks. If your legs are wide and you are your calf part is heavy, make sure, the socks cut at the slimmest part of your legs otherwise they would end up making your legs look more wide visually.

Of course, I adore tights and leggings and would never want to abandon them but this style trend is definitely worth experimenting…

Don’t forget to pen down your views in the comments below! 🙂