Autumn style statement….quintessential slender wedges

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They are as sexy as stilettos –but provide better balance. They are none other than slender wedges. Go incredibly stylish in these quirky heels which are less chunky than the classic wedges and more elite and distinctive.

As cute as the shoes are, the more bearable to keep them on feet they should be. But in reality the more sexier the heel seems to be, the more the pain-o-meter is! The slender wedges can actually take some of the stress off your ankles and give your toes more wiggle room.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.42.14 pm

The slender version of the wedges makes your legs appear long and lean which obviously is an advantage for girls/ladies with short height. The wedge shoes, by nature are very stylish, fashionable and cosmopolitan. One can up their fashion quotient by just choosing to wear them.

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They can be worn with almost any outfit; skirts, dresses, trousers, et all. But just be sure to balance everything while you dress up. One shouldn’t look dressed up over the top; shoes shouldn’t overwhelm you or your dress.

It is as clear as black and white to me that slender wedges are here to rock! So what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair or flaunt if you already have one :)

Pretty up your umbrellas… the next big fashion forward accessory is here!

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We have often been using umbrellas on a dreary rainy day or to rescue ourselves from the sun. But then, this is not its sole purpose. The new use of umbrellas is as a ‘fashion accessory’. It has been in use on the ramps and runways by models as a fashion accessory for long and it will be continued to be used like this to death. From ramp walks, to celebrities carrying it on the sets, to queen Elizabeth matching her umbrella rims with her outfit everyone has been adorning this accessory.

Why limit the use of umbrella only to a rainy day? We all are aware of the damaging effects of sun on our skin. For a clear and porcelain skin, hats and sunscreens are not sufficient. One must opt for umbrellas and parsons to keep the sun at bay. After all, extra protection does not come at the cost of your skin and can give you that radiant and freckle free skin! Nowadays umbrellas in the market come with waterproofing treatment to keep the rain from pouring in and UV protection to keep the skin from freckling, so, they can be used both in rain and in sun.

Not only have the umbrellas gained celebrity appeal, but also its growing awareness among the people of the damage caused by the sun has helped up the use of umbrellas. The customers now not only want ‘just’ an umbrella, but they want umbrellas in beautiful and vibrant colours, prints, fabrics, graphics and embroidery to match or go in contrast with their attires. The modern day umbrellas are equipped with stylish and modish designs and serves multipurpose. It serves both the f’s; Function and fashion!

In the olden golden era, fashion umbrellas were considered a status symbol often carried by royalties and aristocrats. From such mentions, it is implied that the umbrella does not appear to have been used just as a defence from rain; rather an item of fashion or decoration and this era will be continued…

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 1.25.39 am

So, why use and carry a stylish and fashionable umbrella solely on a dreary rainy day? Instead, show off the vibrant and pretty colors and romantic lacy umbrellas because…

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 12.56.15 am

Walk stylish, stay stylish! :)

Make the cut almond way

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.35.10 am

Enough of having square nails! Now, girls will have to swap their square shape for almond. Having almond nails is relatively a new thing and is again back with a bang in the ‘fashion forward world’ with many celebrities sporting and popularizing this look.

These nails are bold (although less bold than a stiletto nail which snags our tights and lace dresses frequently); longer, sharper, crispier and edgier.

These nails give a very lady-like look and add a feminine flare to your looks. Not only that! It has a trickier side to it as well. Almond shape creates an illusion of longer fingers. Therefore, becoming one of the terrific shapes for girls with short fingers and smaller hands.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.35.27 am

So if you are thinking to get your nails file in almond shape the next time you visit your saloon, I would say, “way to go, girl!”

Mattify it!


Getting worried about your facial skin looking greasy, shiny like a frying pan? Not anymore! Now you can have a perfect matt and grease free skin at the ease of your home. Try my DIY 3 in 1 facial mask which also serves as a face scrub and a face wash. This can be the best treatment at your rescue for oily skin with blackheads.


Ever wondered that rice can serve as potent for your skin? It helps absorb excess oil from the skin. Its other added benefits are: – it aids in getting soother and softer skin, reduce fine lines and blemishes, even out skin tone and reduce inflammation. It is a much over-looked skin care product that can even rival the best commercial products.







Keep grinded rice and oat powder in an equal quantity in a container. So that every time you apply the mask, you won’t have to grind it again and again. Mix all the ingredients together in such a proportion that you get a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Lightly scrub it off when it dries and wash off. I would suggest applying this luxurious face pack every night before going to bed as a substitute of face wash followed by a nice oil free moisturizer or a gel.

See the difference yourself! :)

Bea(ch)utifully beached!


While the temperature is soaring high and the sun is blooming, everyone is trying to escape from the sweltering heat and heading to the deserted beaches, islands and sand and surf to get much needed relief and respite.

While the beach gateways are fun and quirky, you shouldn’t miss it on the style quotient as well! My beach fashion guide will assist you in being functional and stylish at the same time.

My verdict for all the beachilucious beauties is not to over-pack and stick to staples. Getting dressed for the beach should be every bit relaxing.

I give you a list of options you can do to look outrageously beautiful and stunning for a beach vacation.



You can throw a nice loose fit shirt over it and fasten it with a belt to accentuate your waist to look effortlessly stylish and voila, you are done!

The shirt will also act as a cover-up for your bikini.

You can even concoct your own style with this one piece. Example, instead of throwing a shirt over it can also work as a cute tank by simply pairing it with a nice pretty skirt or cute colourful shorts.



A crochet dress/cover-up provides just enough coverage while still being sexy and fun. Wear a bright coloured bikini underneath it to make your holiday playful. You can bring along a few options of bright bikinis along with you because they take up very little space in your suitcase.



Cover yourself up with a sexy and a playful romper for the day off from the sand.



You can toss this over your swimsuit for beachside lunch or snack or can wear it simply for long late night beach walks.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to carry a sunscreen with a high spf, oversized goggles and a wide brim hat with you. These will rescue you from the heat and tanning.

What are you beauties waiting for??? Go, get the much needed respite, enjoy, pamper yourself and don’t forget to stay stylish! :)

Bag(it): the colour-pop arm candy way!


Which girl/woman doesn’t adore bags? I do them, so do you! After all, bags are to die for. Bags are not only to keep the stuff in, but they have made their ways into fashion statement. From clutches, to totes, to slings, to shoulder bags there is numerous numbers of bags available. To choose from among plethora of styles and colours is no less than an exercise. We have always heard that matching your handbag with the shoes is a good idea. But I go a step further to say that mismatch is the new match!

Mismatch creates a colour block and adds a pop of colour to any outfit. A pop of colour is the easiest way to add personality. Below is gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr looking colourful yet elite and sophisticated. I appreciate the fact that she teetered royal blue pumps with a bright orange tote bag which made a statement on her arms and her neon bag in the second photo is looking impeccable. These looks are all about the bag which has actually brightened up her entire outfit.


Taylor Swift’s green sling is looking equally glamorous and chic at the same time and definitely adding a colour pop to the dull outfit.


I loved the way Freida Pinto has accessorized her yellow outfit with bold snakeskin bag. She looks all colourful and the bag definitely adds to her charm and her wine coloured mismatch bag with royal blue dress is looking no less!


These are just the images to get you started. You don’t need to ape them to look gorgeous because all you girlies are already so gorgeous! Just have your own style and remember next time you go out, take that arm candy away which least matches your outfit.

Stay happy, stay stylish! :)

Get your feet sandal ready…!


Summers have approached and you need to wear strappy sandals and peep toes. But you have undone nails, roughness and dryness on and around the toes? Your toes may not be on show yet… but they soon will be!

Take yourself off and get them sorted with these tips and tricks in the comfort of your own home to make your feet looking great in summer sandals:


massage your feet and toe nails every time you get out of the shower with any oil (be it almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil)



slightly brush up your feet and specially toe nails with a fresh lemon ring every time after you remove your old nail polish. This way, you will get rid of yellow toe nails caused by prolonged application of nail paint.



we all know Cleopatra’s most well known beauty secret is her milk bath! Milk removes hardened skin and lactic acid in the milk lightens the skin. Soak your feet in milk or if you want to avoid wastage, you can dip a cotton ball into milk and apply onto your feet.



scrub your feet at least twice a week with a pumice stone. This will remove the dead skin traces and dryness from your feet to reveal softer skin.



put some foot cream or oil on your feet at night before going to bed and wrap your feet with a plastic and fasten them with a rubber band (not too tight though) and enclose them in cotton socks for the whole night. This will definitely leave your feet feeling smoother and softer than ever before. Do this once in a week and Voila! You are ready to go tip toe.



Okay! I agree, this isn’t good for your nails, but at least they make your feet look awesome! Use some bright colors. Bright colors catch more attention and make you really stand out.


NOTE: – Don’t forget to trim and file your nails on daily basis. After all, no one loves claw-like nails peeping out your sandals! And cut them straight across instead of giving them a curve shape because curved nails will increase the risk of painful ingrown toenails.

That’s all folks!

Now you won’t be embarrassed to show your feet off in sandals to the world :)